La Noolaanshaha Covid-19

  • If you are sick with covid-19 or you think you are sick with covid-19, stay home

  • Separate a household member who is sick. 

  • Have only one person in the household take care of the person who is sick.

  • Maintain 6 feet between the person who is sick and other family or household members.

  • The person who is sick should stay in a separate bedroom.

  • However, If you need to share a bedroom with someone who is sick open the window and turn on a fan to bring in and circulate fresh air if possible. 

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This is a sight translation summary by Vector Consultancy
This is a sight translation summary by Vector Consultancy
  • The person who is sick should use a separate bathroom. 

  • If you cannot provide a separate bathroom, it is essential to increase bathroom cleaning. 

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  • Children: People who are sick should avoid caring for children. 

  • However, If people who are sick must care for the children in their household, the children in their care should not have contact with individuals outside the household.

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  •  If you are sick, do not help prepare food. 

  • Also, eat separately from the family. 

  • Do not share dishes, cups, eating utensils, with other people in your home. Wash these items thoroughly after using them

  •  Family members should leave only when necessary for example going to the grocery store, pharmacy, or important medical appointments. 

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If you have any of these emergency warning signs* for COVID-19 get medical attention immediately:

  • Trouble breathing

  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest

  • New confusion

  • Inability to wake or stay awake 

  • Bluish lips or face

Call 911 if you have a medical emergency: Notify the operator that you have  COVID-19. Put on a cloth face covering before medical help arrives.

This is a sight translation summary by Vector Consultancy