Cultural Liaison Services

A cultural liaison is someone who works with you and your organization to understand cultural nuances in order to reach tangible and effective solutions. 


These services can be applied to anything like designing outreach initiatives, gathering demographic information, assessing the needs of a specific group of incoming refugees, and anything that involves connecting organizations and individuals with the Somali community. This could also include building relationships between an organization and the Somali community.  


Cultural Liaison Services are the perfect follow up to presentations and cultural trainings. In trainings we give you the information you need to understand the challenges that face the Somali community and the the underlying structure that creates them so you can develop solutions specific to your field and daily work. If you purchase cultural liaison services, we develop the solutions with you. Presentations and trainings are inherantly general because we are trying to reach a broad audience and give them tools they can use every day. A cultural liaison can help you solve the trickiest problems, project by project, case by case.      

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