Somali Language Lessons

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Designed by two Somali interpreters in Minnesota, Abdirahim Osman and Karsten Potts. The Vector Somali language classes are designed to give people a functional understanding of Somali. It will give you the ability to use the language as well as a good Somali language base.  During the course we introduce you to the structure of the Somali language and teach you over 150  key vocabulary words. 


Abdirahim Osman is from Somalia and formally studied Somali grammar in school, which means he is an expert on the structure of the language. Karsten Potts learned the language as an adult and can teach others to do the same.


Our goal is to give you the basic skills to communicate with Somali people. Even a basic amount of Somali is enough to reach people in a way that nothing else can. This course will help you connect with the people you work with everyday.