Somali Cultural Training

Vector consultancy offers cultural training to address the challenges faced in multiple fields. These are in depth sessions that give highly detailed and field specific information to attendees. The knowledge you gain in these sessions will increase your efficiency and problem solving ability in your everyday work. 

These are designed to align directly with the presentations. They fully explain all of the topics brought up in the presentations and allow more time for discussion between the trainers and attendees.


Each training has two parts: the foundation and the field specific supplements. This is because the information contained in the foundation is essential for everybody, but this exact same information has different implications depending on which field it is applied to. 

​The foundation consists of:

  • Somali Culture: A primer on the Somali Community in Minnesota

  • Intra-Community Dynamics: Diversity within the Somali Community

The supplements of each training are specific to the following fields where they are most relevant:

  • Healthcare

  • Education 

  • Law Enforcement

  • County and Social Services

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