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Juxa: Kow iyo Toban Dameer
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The Ubax iyo Qodax series is a collection of stories from different Somali immigrants of different ages, genders and backgrounds. The title Ubax iyo Qodax, pronounced "ubah iyo qodah," is a metaphor similar to the English language phrase "thorns and roses." Although they are polar opposites, the reality is that good and bad, right and wrong, love and hate often all occur right next to each other, coming hand in hand. The stories of Ubax iyo Qodax illustrate this reality.

Juxa: Kow iyo Toban Dameer

This is the first in a series of Somali English children's books. The Vector Consultancy has developed these books to help children improve their reading skills in both English and Somali. Juxa is a popular folk hero who goes on countless adventures from which children learn valuable moral and cultural lessons. If you download the book from our website, you have the option of having Somali, English or both languages read to you. It is also available on Amazon

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Somalia Travel Article 

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